October 3-6 is Public Power Week – We get to celebrate being a non-profit, community owned, utility with you!

PowerZone Mascot Clark The Squirrel

Clark is here to answer questions

“Clark here and I bet you have a question! Take a look under the topics to see if the question has already been asked. If it hasn’t, then send it my way by using the form below. Your answer will show up here to help you and other scholars! I’m not able to email you back, squirrel paws make typing a challenge, so check back for answers.”

Recently asked questions from our utility scholars

The Osprey cam is awesome! Where do they go when the camera is off?

I love watching the osprey too Kai! The osprey does not hang out around here in the winter, they prefer to travel to southern states where it is warmer. Click the link to find information in the PowerZone.

Does Clark have any brothers or sisters?

Hello Oksana, thank you for asking about me. I have three siblings, one brothers and two sisters. It is common for squirrel moms to have four to six babies. Click the link to find information in the PowerZone.

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