Have you found the books Clark gave to elementary school libraries? This year’s book is Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle

Clark Public Utilities’ StreamTeam provides a variety of volunteer activities. Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, learn new skills, and help our community. At Clark Public Utilities, we feel we all have an ethical obligation to have a positive impact on the world around us, and volunteering is a fun way to do just that. So get outside, get a little dirty, and learn a lot with StreamTeam!

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Planting and Potting

Volunteers plant more than 50,000 native trees a year! These trees are used to restore salmon habitat, reduce erosion, and reduce the presence of invasive species.

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Habitat Maintenance

Once trees are planted, volunteers check on the trees to help ensure they survive. Our projects have shown an 85% survivability. This low mortality rate is due in large part to the volunteers who water, mow, and remove invasive species

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Eradication Nation

Volunteers with this program remove invasive plants from riparian and wetland locations in Salmon Creek and the East Fork of the Lewis River watersheds. Started in 2011, Eradication Nation has an important role in identifying and removing populations of invasive plants.

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Stream Stewards

StreamTeam also has a program for anyone 10 or older called Stream Stewards. Through skill-based workshops, participants increase awareness of restoration, water quality, geology and much more. Stream Stewards receive hands-on experience and teaching opportunities.

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Weed Watchers

Want to keep your favorite natural areas vibrant and beautiful? Weed Watchers, may be the perfect program for you. After learning how to identify some of our invasive plants and how to tag their locations on a smartphone app, volunteers will go out into nature at their own time and pace, to track noxious weeds so professionals can safely and effectively remove them.