Have you found the books Clark gave to elementary school libraries? This year’s book is Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle

Our StreamTeam program focuses on the challenges facing the Salmon Creek watershed. This program, which is the longest-running program of its kind in Clark County, is dedicated to watershed restoration with ongoing planting, monitoring, and educational outreach.

Since StreamTeam began in 1992, more than 850,000 trees have been planted along 12 miles of stream length. This has restored approximately 120 acres of land! We’ve also installed 10 miles of livestock exclusion fencing and two miles of bank stabilization. Along the way, we’ve removed tons of garbage thanks to the help of dedicated people like you!

Why stream restoration matters

What exactly is restoration and why is it important? Ecological restoration is the process of helping rehabilitate an area, such as stream or lake, that has been damaged by human activity. Volunteers in Clark County work on restoration projects to improve stream structure, add habitat, and lower water temperature.

Projects might include removing invasive species, supplementing nutrient levels in the water, planting vegetation, or adding debris to the stream channel to serve as shelter.

Benefits of stream restoration

  • Increases the population of fish species like salmon and steelhead
  • Strengthens the entire aquatic food chain
  • Improves water quality
  • Reduces erosion
Clark Public Utilities StreamTeam Volunteers Planting

Restoration Results!

Clark Public Utilities StreamTeam Salmon Creek Restoration

Before – 2005

Clark Public Utilities StreamTeam Salmon Creek Restoration

After – 2012

Clark Public Utilities StreamTeam Work

Before – 2001

Salmon Creek Clark County Washington

After – 2008