Have you found the books Clark gave to elementary school libraries? This year’s book is Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle

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Ready to learn (even) more?!

“Clark here! The internet has amazing resources when it comes to learning about electricity, water, and the environment in the Pacific Northwest. Below are a few of my favorites for you to check out!”

Bonneville power administration logo

Bonneville Power Administration

Bonneville Power Administration, BPA, is a government agency that sells electricity made by 29 federal hydroelectric dams in the Columbia River Basin, two dams in Southern Oregon and one nuclear power plant near Richland, WA.

Clark county green schools logo

Clark County Green Schools

Clark County Green Schools works with all local public and private schools in their sustainability efforts. We’re here to encourage environmental leadership and give students tools to implement change in their schools.

School Grounds and Garden Maps, Google Earth Transfer Station Tour, Composting/Recycling assistance, Green Businesses – for Educators, Parents and Students.

Columbia Springs logo

Columbia Springs

Columbia Springs is an environmental education nonprofit 501(c)(3) located on the Old Evergreen Highway in Vancouver, Washington. Our 100-acre urban natural site is an outdoor education center which offers events, programs, and workshops to teach people of all ages about stewardship and environmental science.

During the 20 years Columbia Springs has been in operation, they have reached well over 250,000 guests and taught a generation of Clark County residents about watersheds, biology, restoration, and engineering. The Columbia Springs community continues to grow each year to reach a wider audience of students and volunteers. Columbia Springs’ site is a beautiful community asset and our programs are sources of excellent educational and volunteer opportunities.

Energy kids logo

EIA Energy Kids

Energy Kids teaches children all about energy, from how it’s created to how to use it safely to even its history. Learn from fun activities and games while discovering how to save energy! Resources for teachers, too.

Energy safe kids logo

Energy Safe Kids

The mission of Energy Safe Kids is to increase energy literacy by promoting the safe and wise use of electricity and encouraging kids to think about energy issues and take action when needed.

Lower Columbia Nature Network logo

Lower Columbia Nature Network

Clark Public Utilities is a partner with this program. The two goals for the website are to offer a consolidated place for volunteer coordinators and environmental educators to share resources and to create a pretty good inventory of the ways to experience the outdoors in our area.

NW Washington Women in Stem

NW Washington Women in STEM

Videos, resources, for middle school through high school women – info about careers: IT, Medical, Engineering and Construction.

Science News for Students

Science News for Students

Science News for Students has been an award winning online publication since 2003. They provide topical science news for students, parents and educators.

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention logo

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention is an exciting and educational opportunity to learn about the historical development of electricity, radio and early technology. Spark uses a world class collection of artifacts to explore and embrace the mysteries of electricity.