Have you found the books Clark gave to elementary school libraries? This year’s book is Drop: An Adventure through the Water Cycle

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“Clark here! Do you love to hear experts talk about cool stuff, too? Check out the list of kid-friendly podcasts below.”

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Brains On!

Brains On! Is an awarding winning science podcast for kids who are curious about the world. Whether they love science or struggle with the subject this podcast will have kids listening attentively and wanting to submit their own questions for the host to explore. The host, Molly Bloom, joins a different kid each week as they explore various science based topics.

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Smash Boom Best

From the podcast makers of Brains On! comes Smash Boom Best. This podcast is a debate show for kids and families where they take two cool things, smash them together and let you decide which is best. For example, cats versus dogs, pizza versus tacos … while the topics are fun the podcast teachings kids how to defend their opinion while using facts and enthusiasm to make their case. They kids can vote for their favorites on the website and see how their opinion compares to other listeners.

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Forever Ago

Here is a podcast about history, for kids, that adults will enjoy too.  Forever Ago, explores the origin of one thing, like what was the first video game, who made the first sandwich, when did clocks start becoming a thing? This podcast will help kids think critically about history while they learn fun facts.

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The Past and the Curious

The Past and the Curious is another history podcast, but it is unlike so many history podcast by covering history kids are unlikely to learn in school. The show provides bite-size audio dramas covering accomplishments of women and people of color. The storytelling is vibrant, features original music, and ends with a quiz to help kids retain what they’ve learned from past episodes.

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Backseat Book Club

Backseat Book Club is an NPR podcast that has been around for about five years. This podcast features three middle school students chatting about a favorite book, followed by a section read by a celebrity guest. There are also regular appearances from authors who provide insights into writing and their own love of reading.