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Executive Assistant

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What it’s like to be an Executive Assistant

Each department at Clark Public Utilities has an executive assistant who work to ensure the department runs smoothly. They perform and coordinate a variety of complex office duties, execute administrative policies and assist they director of their department.

They compose and prepare routine and confidential correspondence, reports and other complex documents. They screen incoming calls, correspondence and respond independently when possible. They are responsible for maintaining official documents and records in appropriate files and provide telephone support for the Director and backup support to other departments as necessary.

They assist with scheduling by maintaining a calendar for the Director of and department and arranging meetings, conferences, and travel plans.

They attend meetings, take notes and participate in discussions providing insight and ideas. Answer questions and provide supporting documentation as requested by the state or independent auditors and other regulatory repositories. They make sure appropriate parties are notified, contracts are prepared, and decisions are implemented. Though the responsibilities are largely similar across the board, each EA does work specific to their department.

Education: Associate’s degree (A.A.) or equivalent from a two-year college or technical school.

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