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Water Service Technician

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What it’s like to be a Water Service Technician

Water Service Technicians work alone or with a crew to repair, maintain, or construct water services, water mains, and water distribution system facilities. They install or remove water meters, valves and meter boxes and locate water mains and services, as well water quality testing.

They investigate customer inquiries regarding high/low pressure, no water, pressure fluctuating concerns, customer concerns about their piping problems and flow questions, customer questions on home irrigation systems, and other water system operation duties. They install main line valve boxes, hydrant valve boxes, work on hydrants, flush hydrants and water distribution end lines, locate and uncover valves for water mains and hydrants and more.

Education: High school diploma or GED, Washington State Certification as a Cross Connection Control Specialist, Water Distribution Manager 1 or a Water Distribution Specialist 1 certification, Certified Commercial Drivers License, Class A, First Aid and Current Flaggers Card.

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