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AmeriCorps at Clark Public Utilities

At Clark Public Utilities, the AmeriCorps program (through the Washington Service Corps) is instrumental in the success of the StreamTeam. Four members of AmeriCorps work with us on watershed enhancement and outreach activities during their service stint.

By promoting community awareness and rehabilitating local watersheds, our AmeriCorps members provide an invaluable service to Clark County.


The basics of the AmeriCorp program

AmeriCorps Program Logo

AmeriCorps is a national program that supports a variety of service opportunities. Its members are placed with local community agencies with the goal of making the community and the environment safer and healthier. Members increase their knowledge and skills by receiving extensive training and development opportunities that align with their hands-on experience.

Learn more about the AmeriCorps program at StreamTeam!

Did you know that in 1983, the Washington state legislature created the Washington Service Corps (WSC) to promote community service and support youth employment around the state. And then a decade later, the federal government created the AmeriCorps national service program, looking at WSC as one of the models for that program.