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Utility Mechanic

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What it’s like to be a Utility Mechanic

Utility mechanics support reliability, safety and efficiency of utility vehicles, trucks and construction type equipment. They remove, replace, rebuild and repair mechanical systems to insure performance and prevent breakdowns, troubleshoot, diagnose and solve problems with utility vehicles and perform emission testing and safety inspections.

A utility mechanic must also operate and repair shop tools such as hoists, jacks, cranes, drill press, welders, grinders, cut-off saws and miscellaneous testers and write supply request orders for parts and supplies need to perform work needed. They work to ensure necessary personnel can stay on the road safely and efficiently.

Education: There are many pathways to becoming a mechanic. Locally, some high schools offer CTE courses in auto technology and small engines. Cascadia Technical Academy offers Juniors and Seniors an accredited program, certifications, and has partnerships with local dealerships. Clark College also provides a variety of pathways to learning about automotive, diesel technology and mechatronics.

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