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Executive Assistant to the General Manager

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What it’s like to be the Executive Assistant to the General Manager

The Executive Assistant to the General Manager coordinates a variety of internal support services, including mail distribution, office equipment and supplies, telecommunications, clerical support functions, office space utilization, food services, company vehicles, and outside service contracts.

They are in charge of scheduling, coordinating and preparing meeting materials and meeting minutes for commission meetings, power supply workshops, budget meetings, director meetings and manager meetings.

They help process and coordinate correspondence in written and electronic format for the CEO/General Manager and Commissioners and ensure commissioners are informed of all industry related information, customer concerns, programs and events, employee events, etc.

They work to create, update and distribute miscellaneous reports weekly, monthly and annually, and have many budgetary responsibilities as well. They are key to the utility running smoothly.

Education: High School diploma or general education degree (GED) is required.

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