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Power Supply Manager

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What it’s like to be a Power Supply Manager

The Power Supply Manager at Clark Public Utilities makes sure we have enough power to provide electricity to all homes and businesses in Clark County. They help the utility forecast and plan for wholesale power needs by looking at looks at several big factors – historical consumption, weather and population growth. They balance resources versus load with the priority being to always have more than enough power in case a critical situation arises.

They work closely with a risk committee, made up of various managers, directors, and the CEO/GM. This group goes over major decisions about power purchases and sales to ensure we maintain a stable supply to meet our load. The Power Supply Manager also works closely with the finance department and metering team which helps the company be as accurate as possible on monthly, daily, and hourly load forecasts.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, professional work experience in electric utility energy procurement, knowledge of rules and regulations from FERC and related oversight agencies and other licenses and certifications.

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